Does My Dog Need to Exercise

Does My Dog Need to Exercise?

How much exercise does your dog get each day?  If you’re not exercising your dog every day, you must start now.  Exercise provides many benefits to your dog.  Exercise promotes good health and reduces problem behaviors.  We all want the very best for our dogs and exercise is a simple act of love that can carry great weight.

Exercise promotes good health in your dog.

Just like their human counterparts, dogs need exercise to keep them strong and healthy.  Exercising your dog each day will result in strong muscles and bones.  Your dog needs that at every stage of his life!  Exercise will keep him mobile and agile from the puppy stage right on up to his golden years. A dog with strong bones and muscles is less likely to receive injuries related to falls and other accidents.  Exercise will also keep your dog long and lean (well, ok maybe not long but you get the idea).  Extra poundage might look cute on your dog but it’s detrimental to his overall health.  A pudgy dog is at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases that are highly detrimental to his health.

Exercise reduces the occurrence of problem behaviors in your dog.

By nature, your dog is drawn to behave in certain ways.  Hunting, exploring - adventure seeking so to speak.  Exercise fulfills, in play form these naturally instinctive behaviors. Daily dog walks are a perfect setting for your dog to explore and fulfill his natural instincts and the world around him.  Again, just like his human counterpart a vigorous walk will result in a more mentally stable and fulfilled dog. This will result in a calmer dog that is less likely to engage in destructive behaviors! You know how some dogs chew rugs and furniture, jump on the people as they enter your home and don’t listen to commands? Not your dog.  The daily opportunities for exercise will leave you and your dog happy.  Imagine if you were not allowed to exercise or get out for some fresh air.  That would be quite depressing, wouldn’t it?  You’d probably bark the neighbors, too.

So, how much exercise does my dog need each day?

At the very minimum, your dog should be exercising 30 minutes each day.  Now, that’s not a hard and fast rule as the needs of the various dog breeds will vary.  You also have to consider the stage of life your dog is in.   For example, hunting and herding dogs will need 30 minutes of rigorous exercise each day and then an additional  one two hours of general exercise on top of that.  On the other hand, short muzzled dogs generally only require a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood.  A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to your dog’s behaviors.  A dog that is panting and appears restless may be itching to run around outside for a bit.  Take the clues from your dog but also consult your vet for breed and age specific guidelines for exercise.

Remember, an exercised dog is a happy, healthy dog and makes for the best canine pal!  Does your schedule make it difficult to provide your dog with plenty of exercise and interaction each day?  Call us, we’re here to help!