Dog Hotel


Our dog hotel features ten suites, no cages or kennels. During your dogs stay they will enjoy their own private room along with a nice cot and blanket to make them feel right at home. If you have two dogs at home who would enjoy sharing a room, our rooms are big enough for that as well. Playtime in our large fenced yard and lots of TLC is included in your furry friends stay, no extra charge. If your dog gets along with other dogs he/she will have play time with other dogs, make some new friends and have a lot of fun playing out back with our other guests. We are happy to follow any specific feeding routines and medications again, at no extra charge. We want your dogs stay to be as stress free and fun and as it can be; our goal is to send home happy dogs. As you know, if you are a dog, playing can be hard, dirty work. We offer 10% off our grooming services during your dogs stay at our hotel. Grooming is done by appointment so, please make sure to book grooming in advance.

All dogs must be neutered or spayed, current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (for Canine Cough) and be in good overall health. To qualify for playtime they must socialize well with other dogs. Please see our boarding requirements for a complete list of policies.


Private Doggie Hotel Suite: $40 per night
Two dogs in same suite*: $70 per night
Three dogs in same suite*:$90 per night

Add Daycare to an overnight: $17

Holidays: $15 extra per night

*Dogs must be from the same household and used to sleeping in same room together. If dogs do not get along while you are away they will be separated and the single dog price will automatically apply.

Playtime During Their Stay: FREE
Administration of Medication: FREE
Walk During Their Stay: $12 per walk
Grooming During Their Stay: 10% off grooming prices (call for a quote)

Long Term Dog Hotel Discounts:

10+ Days: $30 per night for one dog
$50 per night for two dogs/same room
20+ Days: $28 per night
$40 per night for two dogs/same room for 20+ days

Drop Off and Pick Up times are by appointment only and are scheduled between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday.   We offer drop off and pick up times on Sundays between 4pm and 6pm.  There will be no drop offs of pick ups on major holidays. Call us for specifics.