Home Care

Home Care

Keep your home safe while you are away! Let us design a home safety plan that’s just right for you. Home security systems have become quite sophisticated and while they may prevent potential theft; these systems may never have the capability of taking care of all the small things that tip off a potential thief of your absence. We will help ensures that your home and belongings are safe while you enjoy your vacation.

  • Picking up promotional material, mail & packages left at your door
  • Pulling trash cans to the curb
  • Sweeping snow or leaves from your walkway
  • Adjusting lights
  • Adjusting window coverings
  • Watering plants

Home Safety Plan Reasonable Rates*

  • 1-2 Visits per week $14 per visit
  • 3-4 visits per week $13 per visit
  • 5+ visits per week $12 per visit

*Daily Holiday Charge $15

  • Easter (S-S) Memorial Day (S-M)
  • Labor Day (S-M) July 4th (4,5th)
  • Christmas & New Years (12/24-1/2) Thanksgiving (Th-S)