Tank and Harley

Our two boxers, Tank and Harley are our only two children and we love them with all of our being. When we have to get away for a weekend or something, we take them to Baileys Bed and Bath. Our dogs are kinda moody and have their own personalities, but all we have to do is say the name and they go into turbo speed because they absolutely love going and staying there. It is also great for my Nicole and I because not only are they just boardered up, they are let out to play and run and mingle with other dogs, and after a weekend there, they sleep for three days, and with these hyper pups, this is a good thing!! I recommend Baileys to anyone and everyone who asks where to leave their “4 legged” kids for a stay and I know my boys wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!!!

Cameron Webber & Tank and Harley,